Over 18 months, thousands of community members shaped a bold climate action plan for our cities.

This plan for a thriving future includes:

Meeting greenhouse gas emissions goals

The combined effect of One Climate Future actions will reduce community-wide emissions 80% by 2050. Early and aggressive action will accelerate this pathway.

Focusing on the potential for transformation.

One Climate Future strategies work collectively to chart a course towards a future that is equitable, regenerative, and resilient.

Setting an achievable course for implementation.

Timelines, key milestones, and creative financing mechanisms make an ambitious shared vision possible through practical action.

One Climate Future

focuses on four areas to reduce our contributions to climate change and strengthen the communities’ ability to respond to climate hazards.

Buildings & energy use

Using energy efficiently, transitioning to renewable energy, and encouraging high performing buildings


Designing and connecting our homes, businesses, and public spaces around an efficient transportation network


Minimizing waste by changing how our community consumes and disposes of goods and materials


Ensuring all our neighborhoods can withstand, respond to, and recover from disruption